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    Zhejiang Juding Packing Co.,Ltd. is located in Taizhou Economic Development Zone, Binhai Industrial Park. Covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 22,000 square; fixed asset 80 million, annual production capacity of 200 million yuan; company currently employs two hundred people. Taiwan has the world advanced level Cheung Arts corrugated board production line and high-speed series of after watermark technology equipment and production equipment.

    Company's main packaging board, cardboard boxes two businesses, with well-known brands use high-strength corrugated paper to cardboard, cardboard boxes of raw materials; with a full set of corrugated board, carton of testing equipment; established a professional packaging R & D, design, management team and specialized logistics team. More perfect product quality, delivery more quickly.

    Giant Ding packaging rules for the strategy of market-oriented, high-tech equipment to enhance investment in a centralized supply system, best customers reduce packaging costs.

    Giant Ding packaging technology for the development of innovation policy, fully meet our customers packaging materials, process of commercial demand, high standards, solving packaging problems for customers and provide professional, scientific solutions to a variety of packaging problems.

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